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Below you can hear only the pure tone sound of each frequency:

(You can play multiple frequencies at the same time, have fun!)

69.3 Hertz: Enhances what you want to manifest

174 Hertz: Removes pain

285 Hertz: Influences energy field

396 Hertz: Liberates you of fear and guilt

417 Hertz: Facilitates change

528 Hertz: Physical Healing and repairs DNA

639 Hertz: Heals relationships

741 Hertz: Awakens intuition

852 Hertz: Attracts soul tribe

963 Hertz : Connects with light and spirit

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  • teramangala

The main property of the shamanic drum is to allow shamanic journeys and trance. It acts for this directly on the brain. In its usual functioning, our brain is compartmentalized. The neocortex at the top of the skull is made up of 2 hemispheres: the left hemisphere which is more analytical and the right hemisphere which is more intuitive.

These two parts are separate. They each operate on their own. However, in the center, exactly between the 2, there is an energy center called the third eye or Bindu, which corresponds to the pineal gland. When playing the shamanic drum or the Tibetan bowl or certain music, the pineal gland is activated, the third eye opens and this allows exchanges between the two cerebral hemispheres.

So it actually recirculates energy, blood, information throughout the brain neocortex. And at the same time, we change the frequency of our brain waves. This is how we can easily enter the shamanic journey or the trance

The shamanic dimension of the interpretation and especially its presence in the composition are affirmed by our days. One of the reasons is certainly the interpenetration of music learned and traditional in a context of globalized exchanges, but also a timeless need to grasp beyond the religious fact, the essence of the sacred.

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